How to ... Search for E-journals or E-books

My Journals <> is a gateway to full text electronic journals and e-books available to NHS staff whether they have been purchased nationally, regionally or locally. It also gives details of print journals available in your local health library.

You will need to be logged into the Health Information Resources formerly National Library for Health with your Athens username and password to gain access to all the resources available to you. If you do not have an Athens account return to the NLH homepage and click on Register here and follow the instructions.

To find a particular journal title either enter the name in the search box and click Search or browse the A-Z listings. There are only ten titles to a page so if you use the A-Z you can’t see all the ‘Js’ for instance in one go.

The result of your search will appear with the links to the full text beneath each title. You can see the extent of the full text coverage and if there are any embargoed titles on the right. The print holdings available from your local NHS library service are also indicated.

There is no search facility to find articles, but the Citation Look Up can retrieve articles with Keywords within the titles of named journals

Click on the link to retrieve your search result.

E-Books <>

You can search a collection of e-books by browsing the A-Z list of titles, browsing by subject or searching for a title or subject of your choice.

You can ‘read’ your retrieved titles by clicking on ‘read book’.

The title will open up allowing you to select chapters from a contents page, turn pages over, save your chosen title or print from it. Copyright applies to e-books exactly the same as printed books, so you are only allowed to print 5% or one chapter of a book, whichever is the greater.

More e-books

For another collection of e-books available to staff who set up their Athens accounts from a BaSE library, go to My Library and scroll down to the list of resources available to you with your Athens account. Here you will find NetLibrary.

Click on the link to find the NetLibrary homepage. Here click on the link which says Athens users log in here (you do not have to log in, just click the link) and you will be taken to a page with this box…

Click the e-books link and you will find a list of over 200 titles arranged in alphabetical order.

The contents page of the book is on the left hand side and the front cover on the right the same as the e-books collection in NLH. Click on a chapter to go directly to it, the text will appear on the right, in place of the cover. You can turn the pages using these links.

Again you are able to save text or print it off. Copyright rules apply.

A book can only be ‘read’ by one person at a time. If another user anywhere in BaSE is reading your chosen title a message will appear to tell you.

This is only a quick guide to searching e-journals and e-books. If you require any more help please ask any of the library staff. They will be pleased to help.