Frequently Asked Questions


Can I print from Library PCs?

All libraries have PCs both in the IT Suites and some placed in the main library area. PCs in the IT Suites do not have access to printing facilities while the rest in the main library are connected to a multi-functional device that allows you to print, copy, email or fax your documents.

I want to complete my VITAL assessment on Moodle. Can I do it in the Library?

All libraries have IT Suites with high bandwidth access to Internet allowing you to view videos embedded in VITAL modules on Moodle. You can use the generic login (please ask your library staff) or your personal IT logins to logon to the PCs.

Can I suggest a new book to the library?

Yes, you can. Please complete a ‘New Book Suggestion’ slip available in the library or email your local library with your suggestion.

Good Hope [email protected] ext 49820
Heartlands [email protected] ext 42583
Solihull [email protected] ext 45196


Can I renew/reserve books without coming to the library?

You can email your local library or phone us; please give your library card number. Alternatively, you can use your PIN on the online catalogue and renew your own books as long as they are not overdue.

Good Hope [email protected] ext 49820
Heartlands [email protected] ext 42583
Solihull [email protected] ext 45196


I want to search for some books, how can I do that?

You can search the online library catalogue at for books not only in HEFT libraries but also 17 other health libraries in the Birmingham patch.

Please click the link [Online catalogue guide] to read some instructions on how to search for books.

You can reserve books using your Base library ID card and PIN number. If you cannot find your book, let your local library staff know and we can suggest an alternative source if you are keen to pay for the service. Alternatively, you can recommend the book and we will consider purchasing them for the library stock.

Do I need to come to the library during staffed hours to borrow books?

No, you don’t have to. All libraries now have self-issue machines which you can use to borrow, return and renew books. You can also pay fines if your books are overdue.

How do I register to use the library?

Please click the link to complete the registration form and sign to show that you agree to abide by the library rules and regulations [Important information about your Base-Library membership]. Return the form to your local library and they will issue you with a Base Library card.

Can I access the library out of hours?

The libraries are located in the Education Centre and can be accessed out of hours by swiping the staff ID badge at the entrance. If your badge is not giving you access to the building, please contact the Estates team (Heartlands -0121 42 42555; Good Hope -0121 42 47777; Solihull -0121 42 44444).

It's too noisy at home, is there somewhere quiet I can study for my exams?

There are quiet areas within each of the libraries for you to study without any disruptions.


Can the library support users with dyslexia and visual stress problems?

Yes all the libraries have coloured overlay films and paper available in a variety of colours. We also have computer keyboards with large coloured keys, and a magnifier/reading aid available to borrow.

I want to start a journal club in my team. Is there anyone whom I can speak to and get support from?

You need to speak to the relevant Outreach Librarian for your speciality and they will support you. Please click the link [Journal club guidelines] to read the Journal Club guidelines on how to set up the club and the support available through the library service. For the contact details of the Outreach Librarians visit the ‘Support’ page.

I can’t find any full text journals in my subject area, can you help?

You will be able to access full text journals with an Athens password. You can set up an Athens account using an NHS computer. To search for full text journals, go to and click on ‘Journals and Databases’ link on NHS Evidence; sign into your NHS Athens account and select ‘Access Journals’ . If the full text of an article is unavailable, please request it from your local library by email. Walk-in sessions are available with the librarians on all the sites to troubleshoot your queries. You can also attend a training session to learn how to search for e-journals by contacting Laura Walsh on ext 40583 or email [email protected]

I want to learn to search for evidence, is there any training available?

All the libraries offer a wide variety of training sessions to suit your information needs and learning styles. Sessions range from searching on healthcare databases to finding e-journals and learning critical appraisal skills. Please click on the link here [Training pages] to see the training schedule for your site Please contact Laura Walsh on ext 40583 or email [email protected] to book on any of the training sessions.

I want to request an article, how can I go about doing it?

Any article that is available through HEFT Athens or from other libraries will be supplied to you without any extra cost. If we are unable to supply and have to approach the British library, there is a cost of £5 per article. No such requests will be processed without your consent.

I don’t have much time to browse when I come to the library, can someone show me how to find things?

Any of the library staff will be happy to give you a 1-2-1 induction and help you to find what you want. Please contact your local library staff on:

Good Hope [email protected] ext 49820
Heartlands [email protected] ext 42583
Solihull [email protected] ext 45196



I am finding it difficult to keep track of the latest evidence published in my specialist area. Can someone help me keep updated with latest evidence?

The outreach librarians produce monthly/quarterly bulletins on some selected topics. You can view them on ‘Support’ page. If you would like support in setting up RSS Feeds and search alerts using your Athens ID, please contact the relevant outreach librarian. Contact details are available on the ‘Support’ page.

I reviewed a patient on the ward and was puzzled with the results of the diagnostic tests. Can someone help me find robust evidence to help manage the condition?

The outreach librarians relevant to your speciality will be able to help you find robust evidence to such clinical queries. Contact details are available on the ‘Support’ page. Alternatively, complete a web-based form by clicking on ‘Ask for a literature search’ and your query will be forwarded to the relevant outreach librarian. Please define your topic clearly and suggest keywords and any limits (date, age, gender and publication type) that you would like to be considered in the search.