Tuberculosis (TB)- June 2011




JUNE 2011 - Issue 1




Tuberculosis (TB)




This fact sheet provides an overview of recent evidence relevant to Tuberculosis (TB) information on how

the “Outreach Librarian Service” can support you to keep up-to-date .


Selected Evidence


Tuberculosis—Audit Support

NICE Clinical Guideline 117: 2011


Guidelines for intensified tuberculosis case-finding and isoniazed preventative therapy for people living with

HIV in resource-constrained settings

World Health Organization (WHO) 2011


BNF 61

5.1.9 Antituberculosis drugs

2.5.1. Vasodilator antihypertensive drugs

2.2.2 Loop diuretics

3.6 Oxygen




Ahmad S & Mokaddas E

Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

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Bender A; Andrews G & Peter E

Displacement and tuberculosis: recognition in nursing care

Health & Place November 2010: 16 (6) 1069-1076


Bender A; Peter E; Wynn F; Andrews G & Pringle D

Welcome intrusions: An interpretive phenomenological study of TB nurses’ relational work

International Journal of Nursing Studies 20 May 2011


Boyd AE; Ashcroft A; Lipman M & Bothamley GH

Limited added value of T-SPOT.TB blood test in diagnosing active TB: A prospective bayesian analysis

Journal of Infection, 15 April 2011


Bocchino M; Chairadonna P; Matarese A & Bruzzese M

Limited usefulness of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube® for monitoring anti-tuberculosis therapy

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Diba C; King GG;   Berend N; Salome CM

Improved respiratory system conductance following bronchodilator predicts reduced exertional dyspnoea

Respiratory Medicine 8 April 2011


El-Mahallawy HA; Eissa SA; Rafeh NG; Salem AES & Soheir A.

Tuberculosis in cancer patients: Role of newer techniques in relation to conventional diagnostic methods

Journal of Advanced Research April 2010: 1 (2) 157-162


Galagan JE; Sisk P; Stolte C; Weiner B; Koehrsen M & Wymore F

TB database 2010: Overview and update

Tuberculosis July 2010: 90 (4) 225-235


Hawkridge T & Mahomed H

Prospects for a new, safer and more effective TB vaccine

Paediatric Respiratory Reviews March 2011: 12 (1) 46-51


Hirama T; Hagiwara K; Kanazawa M

Tuberculosis screening programme using the QuantiFERON®-TB Gold test and chest computed

tomography for healthcare workers accidentally exposed to patients with tuberculosis

Journal of Hospital Infection March 2011: 77 (3) 257-262


Horne DJ; Royce SE; Gooze L; Narita M; Hopewell PC; Nahid P & Steingart KR

Sputum monitoring during tuberculosis treatment for predicting outcome: Systematic review and meta


Lancet Infectious Diseases June 2010: 10 (6) 387-394


Iyer VH; Joshi AY; Boyce TG; Brutinel MW; Scalcini MC; Wilson JW & McCoy K

Bronchoscopy in suspected pulmonary TB with negative induced-sputum smear and MTD® Gen-probe


Respiratory Medicine July 2011:105 (7)1084-1090


Ling DI; Zwerling AA; Steingart KR & Madhukar P

Immune-based diagnostics for TB in children: what is the evidence?

Paediatric Respiratory Reviews March 2011: 12 (1) 9-15


Marias BJ; Rabie H; & Cotton MF

TB and HIV in children – advances in prevention and management

Paediatric Respiratory Reviews March 2011: 12 (1) 39-45


Martineau AR; Timms PM; Bothamley GH; Hanifa Y; Islam K; Claxton AP & Packe GE

High-dose vitamin D(3) during intensive-phase antimicrobial treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis: A double

blind randomised controlled trial

Lancet January 15 2011: 377 (9761) 242-250


Ryu YJ; Lee JH; Chun EM; Chang JH & Shim SS

Clinical outcomes and prognostic factors in patients with tuberculosis destroyed lung

International Journal Tuberculosis Lung Disease February 2011: 15 (2) 246-250


Schuluger NW & Burzynski J

Recent advances in testing for latent TB

Chest December 2010: 138 (6) 1456-63


Shamaei M; Tabarsi P; Pojhan S; Ghorbani L; Baghael P; Marjani M & Masjedi MR

Tuberculosis-associated secondary pneumothorax: A retrospective study of 53 patients

Respiratory Care March 2011: 56 (3) 298-302


Solari L; Acuna-Villaorduna C; Soto A & van der Stuvft P

Evaluation of clinical prediction rules ifor respiratory isolation of inpatients with suspected pulmonary


Clinical Infectious Diseases March 2011: 52 (5) 595– 603


Steingart KR; Jotblad S; Robsy K; Deck D; Hopwell PC; Huang; D & Nahid P

Higher-dose rifampin for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis: A systematic review

International Journal Tuberculosis Lung Disease March 2011: 15 (3) 305-316


Verhagen Lm; Warris A; van Soolingen D; de Groot R & Hermans PW

Human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis coinfection in children: Challenges in diagnosis and


Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal October 2010: (10) e63-e70


Wallis RS & Schluger NW

Pulmonary infectious complications of tumor necrosis factor blockade

Infectious Disease Clinics of North America September 2020: 24 (3) 618-692


Zylkowska J; Kurzyna M; Pietura R; Fijalkowska A; Florczyk M & Czajka C

Recurrent hemoptsis: An emerging life-threatening complication in idiopathic pulmonary arterial


Chest March 2011: 139 (3) 690-693


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