Tissue Viability - November 2015

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EPUAP Focus Meeting 2016: 4 6 April, Berlin, Germany

The Role of Skin and Tissue Maturation and Aging in Pressure Ulcer Research and Practice

Venue: Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus

The programme will address topics such as: introduction to skin, skin function and skin research; pressure ulcers in infancy; skin aging; pressure ulcers in ageing skin; superficial skin changes in the aged; dry skin. The programme will also include an industry session.

  • Registration will open October 2015
  • Abstract submission will open November 2015

More information at: www.focusmeeting2016.org.


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SSKIN Bundles – effectiveness

Nothing to report


HCAS and Role in Tissue Viability

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The following sources have been searched for evidence published in the previous three months Please contact the editor for further information.


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Some key Nursing journals were also scanned. For a full list of sources used for the update, Please contact the Editor for further information.


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