Strategy and Transformation- March/April 2016

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Key Reports

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General Management

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Frail Elderly Care

Elderly Care in Crisis: Will there be a care home for you in 2030? - Thoughts from the Centre Available: Full Text [3/21/2016]


A radical look at who pays and who gains in later life

Anna Dixon, Chief Executive of the Centre for Ageing Better, 08 April 2016

Available: Full Text


Acute Care Re-design

Catalyst or distraction? The evolution of devolution in the English NHS April 2016

Available: Full Text

Seven Day Working

Seven day services: how are trusts doing against Keogh’s clinical standards? 01 March 2016 - Publisher: British Medical Journal

Available: Full Text


New Care Models: vanguards- developing a blueprint for the future of NHS and care services

Source:  NHS England - 17 March 2016 - Publisher: NHS England

Available: Full Text


DNAR and Consent

Do-not-attempt-cardiopulmonary-resuscitation decisions: an evidence synthesis

Source:  NIHR Journals Library - Health Services and Delivery Research - 01 April 2016

Discharge Planning, Best practice in transitions of care [PDF]

29 March 2016 - Publisher: The Queen's Nursing Institute


End of life care audit: dying in hospital. National report for England 2016

Source:  Royal College of Physicians of London - RCP - 30 March 2016 - Publisher: Royal College of Physicians (RCP)


Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention [QIPP]


How to build a culture of originality.

Author: Grant, A.

Reference: Harvard business review Vol 94 Iss 3, March 2016, p.86-94.

Available: Full Text




Innovation in the public sector: a systematic review and future research agenda.

Author: De Vries, H. ; Bekkers, V. ; Tummers, L.

Reference: Public administration Vol 94 Iss 1, March 2016, p.146-66.

Available: Full Text





What methods are used to apply positive deviance within healthcare organisations? : A systematic review.

Author: Baxter, R. ; Taylor, N. ; Kellar, I.

Reference: BMJ quality & safety Vol 25 Iss 3, March 2016, p.190-201.

Available: Full Text




Value of small sample sizes in rapid-cycle quality improvement projects.

Author: Etchells, E. ; Ho, M. ; Shojania, K.G.

Reference: BMJ quality & safety Vol 25 Iss 3, March 2016, p.202-206.

Available: Full Text




Lean and Six Sigma in acute care: a systematic review of reviews.

Author: Deblois, S. ; Lepanto, L.

Reference: International journal of health care quality assurance Vol 29 Iss 2, 2016, p.192-208.


The problem with Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles.


Author: Reed, J.E. ; Card, A.J.


Reference: BMJ quality & safety Vol 25 Iss 3, March 2016, p.147-52.

Available: Full Text






Combined quality function deployment and logical framework analysis to improve quality of emergency care in Malta.

Author: Buttigieg, S.C. ; Dey, P.K. ; Cassar, M.R.

Reference: International journal of health care quality assurance Vol 29 Iss 2, 2016, p.123-140.


Improving feedback on junior doctors’ prescribing errors: mixed-methods evaluation of a quality improvement project

Matthew Reynolds, Seetal Jheeta, Jonathan Benn, Inderjit Sanghera, Ann Jacklin, Digby Ingle, Bryony Dean Franklin

Available: Full Text


Looking in the wrong places: why traditional solutions to the diffusion of innovation will not work

Axel Heitmueller, Adrian Bull, Shirlene Oh

Available: Full Text


Integration of Healthcare Supervision Logbook Smartphone App into clinical practice to record feedback on medical training

T G Gray, G Hood, T Farrell

Available: Full Text


Development and potential of a clinical resource and educational iPhone and iPad App based on patient testimony

Andy Levy, Dominic Alder

Available: Full Text


Just-in-time delivery of sterilised surgical instruments

A CP Guédon, T J Rakers, L S G L Wauben, F C Meeuwsen, V Hoeijmans, M van der Elst, J Dankelman, J J van den Dobbelsteen

Available: Full Text


Could a disruptive out patient healthcare delivery model reduce escalating in-hospital healthcare costs in knee osteoarthritis?

Arockia Doss

Available: Full Text


Prospective, randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of smart glasses on vestibular examination skills

Maura D Iversen, Sheri Kiami, Karandeep Singh, Italo Masiello, Johan von Heideken

Available: Full Text


Smartphone for the smarter delivery of drugs, psychoeducational materials and acute intervention for at-risk users

Melvyn W Zhang, Roger C Ho

Available: Full Text


How does venture capital operate in medical innovation?

P Lehoux, F A Miller, G Daudelin

Available: Full Text


Improving quality in the English NHS: A strategy for action
The King’s Fund, February 2016.

Available: Full Text


Healthcare innovation in rural Nicaragua: an on-the-ground perspective

Available: Full Text


Elisabet Höög, Jack Lysholm, Rickard Garvare, Lars Weinehall, Monica Elisabeth Nyström, (2016) "Quality improvement in large healthcare organizations: Searching for system-wide and coherent monitoring and follow-up strategies " Journal of Health Organization and Management, Vol. 30 Iss: 1, pp.133 - 153


Building a comprehensive approach to reviewing the quality of care: supporting the delivery of sustainable high quality services. Deisgn Panel final report

Source:  Healthcare Improvement Scotland - 16 March 2016 - Publisher: Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Available: Full Text


Galvanising this NHS to adopt innovation: the feasibility and practicality of recommendations from the interim report of the Accelerated Access Review

Source:  RAND Europe - 22 March 2016 - Publisher: RAND Europe

Available: Full Text


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