Strategy and Transformation- January 2016

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Key Reports

BMA: End-of-life care and physician-assisted dying - BMA [14/01/2016].

Available: Full Text   [1/15/2016].



Available: Full Text [14 January 2016].


ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY. Fix dementia care: hospitals.                   

Available: Full Text [January 2016].


How a universal health system reduces health inequalities: Researchers develop healthcare equity indicators to help NHS managers reduce preventable A&E admissions [Homepage of Centre of Health Economics, University of York], [Online].

Available: Full Text [18 January 2016].


International Profiles of Health Care Systems, 2015 - The Commonwealth Fund [Homepage of The Commonwealth Fund], [Online].

Available: Full Text [1/27/2016].


Making Every Contact Count (MECC): practical resources

From: Public Health England First published: 26 January 2016

Available: Full Text


KASTERIDIS P, MASON A, SANTOS R., , Higher quality dementia care (PDF , 356kb) 2016 Policy Briefing - Centre for Health Economics, The University of York [Homepage of Centre for Health Economics, The University of York], [Online].

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


General Management

Healthcare predictions 2016: finally getting bolder? - Thoughts from the Centre.

Available: Full Text [12/24/2015].


2016 Global health care outlook - Battling costs while improving care - Thoughts from the Centre.

Available: Full Text [1/25/2016].


Proposals for changing the system of midwifery supervision in the UK [Homepage of Department of Health], [Online].

Available: Full Text [22nd January 2016].


'Transformation fund' or deficit mop-up? Time for an honest conversation | The Nuffield Trust.

Available: Full Text [1/27/2016].


BIRCH, L., 2015. Strategies to implement the recommendations of the Francis report. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 21(12), pp. 558-563.

Available: Full Text


Behavioural insights in health care | The Health Foundation [Homepage of The Health Foundation], [Online].

Available: Full Text [1/28/2016].


MEMON, A.R. and KINDER, T., 2016. Changing management roles in the Scottish NHS: implications for management learning and development. Public Money & Management, 36(1), pp. 47-54.

Available: Full Text

DEVLIN, N., MULHERN, B. AND VAN HOUT, B. Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for England [Homepage of Office of Health Economics], [Online]. Available: Full Text [January 2016].

BLAIR SADLER, K.S. Leading in a crisis: the power of transparency | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


The Spending Review: What does it mean for health and social care | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


CHRIS PERRY, SYLVIE HOBDEN, LEANORA VOLPE: Behavioural insights in health care | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


Accountability for Health (pages 675–678)

JOSHUA M. SHARFSTEIN Article first published online:

Available: Full Text [2/12/2015].


The challenge of compliance | Deloitte | Life Sciences and Health Care reports [Homepage of Deloitte], [Online].

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


Collaborative Overload

Rob Cross Reb Rebele Adam Grant

Available: Full Text [January/February 2016].


Place-based health: a position paper.

Evidence Summaries - Publisher: New Local Government Network.

Available: Full Text [16/12/2015]


NHS test beds and information-sharing: supporting the integration of new health care technology | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England | The King's Fund. Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].

SORENSEN, M.L. and BURAU, V., 2016. Why we need to move beyond diagnosis-related groups and how we might do so. Journal of health services research & policy, 21(1), pp. 64-66.


Frail Elderly Care

Commission outlines key principles for revolutionising urgent care for older people - NHS Confederation.

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


Supporting healthy ageing and driving social regeneration are two sides of the same coin | Anne Bristow and John Brouder - NHS Confederation.

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].

Acute Care Re-design

What evidence is there on the effectiveness of different models of delivering urgent care? A rapid review

NIHR Journals Library - Health Services and Delivery Research- 01 December 2015- Primary Research

Available: Full Text


The forward view into action: New care models: support for the vanguards

NHS England - 10 December 2015 - Medicines Current Awareness - Publisher: NHS England.

Available: Full Text


Baxter, Pamela, Hewko, Sarah, Pfaff, Kathryn., 2015

Leaders’ experiences and perceptions implementing activity-based funding and pay-for-performance hospital funding models: a systematic review.

Health Policy, 119(8), pp.1096-1110.

Available: Full Text


Seven Day Working


Seven-day NHS: a frontline perspective | The Nuffield Trust. Available: [1/29/2016].


NHS: ability to meet present and future demands

20 January 2016- Evidence Summaries- Publisher: House of Lords


Put a pathology review on your to-do list for 2016 | Dr Stuart Quin - NHS Confederation. Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].


DNAR and Consent

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: helping you make decisions

British Medical Association - BMA- 25 November 2015- Policy and Service Development.

Available: Full Text


Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention [QIPP]

STINNETT-DONNELLY, J.M., STEVENS, P.G. and HOOD, V.L., 2015. Developing a high value care programme from the bottom up: a programme of faculty-resident improvement projects targeting harmful or unnecessary care. BMJ Quality & Safety. 23 December 2015 Available: Full Text

WILSON, P.M., BOADEN, R. and HARVEY, G., 2015. Plans to accelerate innovation in health systems are less than IDEAL. BMJ Quality & Safety.

Available: Full Text


REED, J.E. and CARD, A.J., 2015. The problem with Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles. BMJ Quality & Safety.

Available: Full Text


COSIMA GRETTON AND MATTHEW HONEYMAN. The digital revolution: eight technologies that will change health and care | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text  [1/5/2016].


Reducing missed hospital appointments using text messages - Publications - GOV.UK [Homepage of Department of Health], [Online].

Available: Full Text [1/5/2016].


ALI, E.E., CHEW, L. and YAP, K.Y., 2016. Evolution and current status of mhealth research: a systematic review. BMJ Innovations

Available: Full Text


Guide to quality improvement methods - HQIP.

Available: Full Text [1/25/2016].


Health service embracing innovation as NHS England announces major trials to improve patient care [Homepage of NHS England], [Online].

Available: Full Text [22 January 2016].

TIBREWAL, S.B., 2015. Quality and value in the NHS hospital: challenges and evolving solutions. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 21(12), pp. 564-570.

PENDHARKAR, S.R., WOICESHYN, J., DA SILVEIRA, G.J.C., BISCHAK, D., FLEMONS, W., MCALISTER, F. and GHALI, W.A., 2016. What happens when healthcare innovations collide? BMJ Quality & Safety, 25(1), pp. 9-13.

Available: Full Text


PRAVEEN, T.R., COLIN, J.R., NIXON, C., JAMES, E.E. and BROWN, S., 2016. Factors influencing change in clinical practice: A qualitative evaluation of the implementation of the quality improvement in colonoscopy study. International J Health Care QA, 29(1), pp. 5-15.

Available: Full Text

TAYLOR, L. and BIRCH-JONES, J., 2016. Implementing a technology enabled care service. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 22(1), pp. 23-33.

Consensus on quality | The Health Foundation [Homepage of The Health Foundation], [Online].

Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].



How Effective Are Incident-Reporting Systems for Improving Patient Safety? A Systematic Literature Review (pages 826–866)

Article first published online: [2/12/2015].

LTBEx – a new model for management of TB incidents in metropolitan areas | NICE. Available: Full Text [1/29/2016].

NAYAR, P., OJHA, D., FETRICK, A. and ANH, T.N., 2016. Applying Lean Six Sigma to improve medication managementnull. International J Health Care QA, 29(1), pp. 16-23. Available: Full Text.
















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