Strategy and Transformation- January 2015

Table of Contents

Key Reports. 2

General Management 2

Frail Elderly. 2

Acute Care Re-design. 3

Seven Day Working. 3

Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention [QIPP] 4

Good Hope, Heartlands and Solihull Libraries. 5



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Key Reports


Examining new options and opportunities for providers of NHS care: The Dalton Review. Department of Health, Dec 2014. Full Text

Making local health economies work better for patients. Monitor, Dec 2014. Full Text

Personalised Health and Care 2020: Using data and technology to transform outcomes for patients and citizens – A framework for action.

National Information Board. November 2014 Full Text


Supporting innovation in the NHS with local payment arrangements. Monitor, Nov 2014. Full Text

NHS Five Year Forward View. NHS England, Oct 2014. Full Text

Reconfigure it out: good practice principles for communicating service change in the NHS. NHS Confederation, Sept 2014. Full Text

Evaluation of the Integrated Care Communities 2 Programme (incorporating the Integration Discovery Community). Office of Public Management], July 2014. Full Text

The impact of hospital financing on the quality of inpatient care in England. Centre for Health Economics, University of York, 2014.Full Text.


A new settlement for health and social care | The King's Fund, 2014 Full Text.

Financial mechanisms for integrating funds for health and social care: an evidence review. Centre for Health Economics, University of York, 2014. Full Text

General Management

GBADAMOSI, N. Taking the forward view from the bottom up. Health Service Journal. January 2015. Full Text

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Frail Elderly


NHS CONFEDERATION: Top five findings from HSJ commission on hospital care for frail elderly people.

November 2014. Full Text


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NHS ENGLAND Safe, compassionate care for frail older people using an integrated care pathway: Practical guidance for commissioners, providers and nursing, medical and allied health professional leaders. 2014 Full Text

Acute Care Re-design

NHS CONFEDERATION. New models of acute care: Monitor look to international examples. December 2014 Full Text

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Seven Day Working

A&Es under 'extreme pressure' as admissions rise | News | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

About time we looked at improving out of hours care | Resource centre | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text[1/23/2015, 2015].

Bristol takes a modern approach to commissioning mental health services | Resource centre | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Cameron promises weekend access and 'named GP' | News | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Delivering better value in the NHS | The King's Fund . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Exclusive interview: Dalton sets out plan to restart FT pipeline | News | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

The five year forward view dares us to hope | Opinion | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text[1/23/2015, 2015].

Foundation trust plans to bring in new urgent care provider | HSJ Local | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

HSJ100 analysis – workforce: Recruitment set to become key political battleground | Opinion | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

KLEEBAUER, A., 2015. DH sets sights on unsocial hours pay in drive for seven-day service. Nursing Standard, 29(21), pp. 14-5 Abstract:

KLEEBAUER, A., 2015. NHS faces staff exodus if unsocial hours payments are withdrawn. Nursing Standard, 29(19), Abstract:

LINTERN, S. NHS England to probe costs of seven day services Health Service Journal. January 2015. Full Text.

ROYAL COLLEGE OF NURSING. Seven day care, a briefing for RCN Congress 2014. June 2014.         Full Text

Majority of HR managers would support imposing a contract on doctors | News | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Ministers take first steps to imposing contract deal on doctors | News | Health Service Journal. Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

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Planning guidance full coverage: next steps for the forward view | News | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Reconfiguring A&E and urgent care services | The King's Fund. Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Rehabilitation is not just an 'add on' | Opinion | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015]. 

Reshaping general practice from within | The King's Fund . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Roundtable: The invisible services | Supplements | Health Service Journal . Available: Full text [1/23/2015, 2015].

Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention [QIPP]

DENTON, E, HILL, S, MARTIN, J, GRAY, M AND MASKELL, G, , Put diagnostic services on the map. Health Service Journal. April 2014. Full Text

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Innovator case study: New pathway means earlier diagnosis of liver disease. Health Service Journal. October 2014. Full Text

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2014. A ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach to

improving healthcare quality. BMJ Quality & Safety.

Full text



and BELL, D., 2014. Designing quality improvement initiatives:

the action effect method, a structured approach to

identifying and articulating programme theory.

BMJ Quality & Safety Full text.


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