Strategy and Transformation- February 2016

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Key Reports

What the planning guidance means for the NHS | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [2/9/2016].


New report: Realising the value of people and communities in their health and care | Nesta.

Available: Full Text [2/23/2016].


Making it safer to cross professional boundaries | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [2/23/2016].


Improving quality in the English NHS | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [2/23/2016].


Delivering the benefits of digital health care | The Nuffield Trust.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


General Management

CfWI publishes stocktake review of the general surgery workforce — CfWI

Available: Full Text Published on 29 January 2016


How to make the 'devolution revolution' work

27th January 2016 Institute for Government.

Available: Full Text


Rules of Engagement: Lessons from PANORAMA |

January 28, 2016 The Change Foundation

Available: Full Text


Tech money to fund transformation.

Available: Full Text [2/5/2016].



DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, 5 February 2016. Review shows how NHS hospitals can save money and improve care [Homepage of Department of Health], [Online].

Available: Full Text


NHS providers urged to take more action to counter pressures19 February 2016, [Homepage of Monitor], [Online].

Available: Full Text.


Five principles behind the world’s most efficient health systems | The Nuffield Trust. Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


What steps can be taken towards quality improvement in the NHS? | The King's Fund. Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


The story behind the figures: what NHS finance directors are telling us | The King's Fund. Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


Frail Elderly Care


Acute Care Re-design

PINKNEY, J., SHEAFF, R. and BYNG, R., 2016. How can frontline expertise and new models of care best contribute to safely reducing avoidable acute admissions? A mixed-methods study of four acute hospitals Health Services and Delivery Research, 4(3), pp. 1- 202.

Available: Full Text


The 'Devolution Revolution' must go further, says Committee - News from Parliament - UK Parliament.

Available: Full Text King's Fund [2/5/2016].


Briefing: NHS Planning Guidance | National Voices.

Available: Full Text King's Fund - [2/5/2016].


The future of child health services: new models of care | The Nuffield Trust.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


Katherine Gottlieb: Engaging the community and the workforce in redesign | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


The foundation trust model: death by a thousand cuts | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016, 2016].


Productivity in acute hospitals – are the recommendations of the Carter Review realistic? | The King's Fund.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


A perfect storm: an impossible climate for NHS providers’ finances? | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


Winter pressures: what's going on behind the scenes? | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


Seven Day Working

Seven day services will need 4000 extra doctors, says leaked report.

Torjesen, I.

BMJ. 2016 Feb 17; 352:i997.

Available: Full Text


DNAR and Consent

Raising the issue of DNAR orders in vascular surgery patients.

McIntosh R, Webb H, Hartley M, Brooks M.

BMJ Qual Improv Rep. 2016 Feb 8; 5(1). pii: u206293.w3610. doi: 10.1136/bmjquality.u206293.w3610. eCollection 2016.

Available: Full Text


Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention [QIPP]

Ala'a Abuhejleh, Mohammed Dulaimi, Samer Ellahham

Using Lean management to leverage innovation in healthcare projects: case study of a public hospital in the UAE

Available: Full Text


Indigenous ultra-low cost technology for spinning haemodialysis grade hollow fibre membranes

Anirban Roy, Lloyd Vincent, Sirshendu De

Available: Full Text

Development and potential of a clinical resource and educational iPhone and iPad App based on patient testimony

Andy Levy, Dominic Alder

Available: Full Text


Electronic blood transfusion: Improving safety and efficiency of transfusion systems | QP Case Study | Local practice | NICE.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


New initiative aims to improve maternity services through patient feedback

Available: Full Text


Remote monitoring of cardiac devices:Benefits of reduced hospital-based surveillance | QP Case Study | Local practice | NICE .

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


How can commissioners support innovation in healthcare sciences? - NHS Confederation. Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].

Spreading improvement: nobody said it was easy | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


Acute hospital productivity | The Health Foundation.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].


Putting high quality care back at the top of the NHS agenda - Thoughts from the Centre. Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].

Can IT transformation deliver a cost-effective 21st Century healthcare service? - Thoughts from the Centre.

Available: Full Text [3/4/2016].



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