Strategy and Transformation- August 2015

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Key Reports. 2

General Management 2

Frail Elderly Care 2

Acute Care Re-design. 2

Seven Day Working. 3

Surgical Reconfiguration. 3

Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention [QIPP] 3

Sources. 4

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Key Reports

Ipsos Healthcare | Digital Doctor Report 2015.

Full Text [8/18/2015].


DAVIES, A.E.A., 2015. Evaluation of complex health and care interventions using retrospective matched control methods. Nuffield Trust.

Full Text


WILLIAMS, D. Ed Smith review: Recommendations in full | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/18/2015].


Making change possible: a Transformation Fund for the NHS | The Health Foundation.

Full Text   [8/24/2015].



General Management

WILLIAMS, D. First wedge of £200m transformation funding allocated to vanguards | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/18/2015].


PAUL HEALY. Bold tariff reform can transform NHS service delivery | Opinion | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/21/2015].


MORGAN, J. Community healthcare needs more prominence | Opinion | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/21/2015].


BARNES, S. Exclusive: Vanguards urged to quickly become ‘battering ram of change’ | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/24/2015].


DEAKIN, M. Hitting the target and missing the point? The Health Foundation.

Full Text [8/24/2015].


INGRID TORJESEN. The case for mergers and acquisitions | Hospital Transformation | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/24/2015].


Research Briefings - NHS Indicators: England, August 2015.

Full Text [8/25/2015].


Improving NHS culture | The King's Fund.

Full Text [8/26/2015].


What impact do accountable care organisations have on care quality? | The King's Fund.

Full Text [8/27/2015].


HENTSCH, P. A new way of paying for urgent and emergency care services [Homepage of NHS Providers], [Online].

Full Text [2015].


NICK RENAUD-KOMIYA. NHS staff to face new sanctions under ‘Sunshine rule’ | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/27/2015].


TAYLOR, K. Time to manage: Why management skills should be in every clinical training programme - Thoughts from the Centre.

Full Text [8/27/2015].


BARNES, S. No more savings can be made, trusts tell regulators | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/27/2015].



Frail Elderly Care

MANTHORPE, J. and ILIFFE, S., 2015. Frailty – from bedside to buzzword? Journal of Integrated Care, 23(3), pp. 120-128. 

Older people with cancer 'not more likely to refuse treatment', says Macmillan.

Full Text [8/25/2015].


NHS CONFEDERATION. DH report shows progress towards end of life care recommendations - NHS Confederation.

Full Text [8/27/2015].


Acute Care Re-design

3-part payment for urgent and emergency care: an introduction - Publications - GOV.UK.

Full Text [8/18/2015].


Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care | The King's Fund Integrated Care bulletin editorial - "One system, one budget".

Full Text [8/18/2015].


WILL HAZELL. Stop-start vascular services shake-up creaks back into action | HSJ Local | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/20/2015].


VICTOR ADEBOWALE, HENRY KIPPIN, SARAH BILLIALD. New care models: To keep up, the NHS must shift focus in three ways | Opinion | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/25/2015].


BARNES, S. Emergency care to be 'completely redesigned' within three years, says Stevens | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/25/2015].


CRISPIN DOWLER, S.B. Exclusive: Leading FTs lay groundwork for hospital chains | News | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/26/2015].


DAVENPORT, A. We need clarity around how competition law will affect new care models - See more at: [Homepage of NHS Providers], [Online].

Full Text [2015].


VICTOR ADEBOWALE, HENRY KIPPIN, SARAH BILLIALD. New care models: To keep up, the NHS must shift focus in three ways | Opinion | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/27/2015].

NHS CONFEDERATION. Exploring recent evidence on new models of primary care - NHS Confederation. Full Text [8/27/2015].



Seven Day Working

Meacock R, Doran T, Sutton M. What are the costs and benefits of providing comprehensive seven-day services for emergency hospital admissions? Health Economics. 2015. 24(8): 907 - 912 - See more at: Full Text

LINTERN, S. National officials tell hospitals seven day service priorities | News | Health Service Journal Full Text [8/19/2015].

RUIZ, M., BOTTLE, A. and AYLIN, P.P., 2015. The Global Comparators project: international comparison of 30-day in-hospital mortality by day of the week BMJ quality & safety, 24(8), pp. 492-504
Full Text.

DALONI CARLISLE. The NHS could be world leaders in seven day working | Hospital Transformation | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/24/2015].


Seven-day working practices and payments - A research report for the Office of Manpower Economics from Incomes Data Services - Publications - GOV.UK.

Full Text [8/24/2015].

Surgical Reconfiguration

None reported


Quality, Innovation,

Productivity and Prevention [QIPP]

BENN, J., ARNOLD, G., D’LIMA, D., WEI, I., MOORE, J., ALEVA, F., SMITH, A., BOTTLE, A. and BRETT, S., 2015. Evaluation of a continuous monitoring and feedback initiative to improve quality of anaesthetic care: a mixed-methods quasi-experimental study Health Services and Delivery Research, 3(32), pp. 1-248

Full Text


Dementia friendly communities: guidance for councils. 2015. LGA and Innovation in Dementia.

Full Text


Crane S, Sloane PD, Elder N, Cohen L, Laughtenschlaeger N, Walsh K, Zimmerman S. Reporting and using near-miss events to improve patient safety in diverse primary care practices: a collaborative approach to learning from our mistakes. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2015. 28(4): 452 - 460

Full Text


HQIP launches free quality improvement methods guide.  

Full Text [8/19/2015].


MICHAEL THICK. Trust the data: It's the next stage of the NHS digital journey | Opinion | Health Service Journal.

Full Text [8/20/2015].


LEEDS TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS TRUST. Integrated Medicines oPtimisAtion on Care Transfer (IMPACT) project | NICE.

Full Text [8/27/2015].

YORK TEACHING HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST. Evaluation of guidelines for the use of faecal calprotectin testing in primary care | NICE. Available: Full Text [8/27/2015].

HAWKES, D., BAXTER, J., BAILEY, C., HOLLAND, G., RUDDLESDIN, J., WALL, A. and WYKES, P., 2015. Improving the care of patients with a hip fracture: a quality improvement report BMJ quality & safety, 24(8), pp. 532-538.

Full Text

CROWL, A., SHARMA, A., SORGE, L. and SORENSEN, T., 2015. Accelerating quality improvement within your organization: Applying the Model for Improvement Journal of the American Pharmacists Association: JAPhA, 55(4), pp. e364-76. Full Text




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