Sleep Apnea- August 2011

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August 2011 - Issue 3







This fact sheet provides an overview of recent evidence relevant to Sleep Apnea information on how the

“Outreach Librarian Service” can support you to keep up-to-date .


Selected Evidence




Ali M; Smith IE; Gulati A & Shneerson JM

Hypoxic challenge assessment in individuals with obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep Medicine, February 2011: 12(2) 158-62


Berlowitz DJ; Spong J; O’Donoghue FJ; Pierce RJ; Brown DJ & Campbell DA

Transcutaneous measurement of carbon dioxide tension during extended monitoring: evaluation of

accuracy and stability, and an algorithm for correcting calibration shift.

Respiratory Care, April 2011: 56(4) 442-8


Bourjeily G; Ankner G & Mohsenin V

Sleep-disordered breathing in pregnancy.

Clinics in Chest Medicine, March 2011: 32(1) 175-89

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Bourke RS; Anderson V; Yang JS; Jackman AR; Killdar A; Nixon GM & Davey MJ

Neurobehavioral function is impaired in children with all severities of sleep disordered breathing.

Sleep Medicine, March 2011: 12(3) 222-9


Chami HA; Resnick HE; Quan SF & Gottlieb DJ

Association of incident cardiovascular disease with progression of sleep-disordered breathing.

Circulation, March 2011: 123(12) 1280-6

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Damy T; Paulino A; Margarit L; Drouot X; Stoica M; Vermes E; Gueret P & Adnot S

Left ventricle remodelling is associated with sleep-disordered breathing in non-ischaemic cardiopathy with

systolic dysfunction.

Journal of Sleep Research, March 2011: 20(1) Pt 1 101-9


Fendri S; Rose D; Myambu S; Jeanne S & Lalau D

Nocturnal hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes with sleep apnea syndrome.

Diabetes Research & Clinical Practice, January 2011: 91(1) e21-3


Franklin KA; Haglund B; Axelsson S; Holmlund T; Rehnqvist N & Rosen M

Frequency of serious complications after surgery for snoring and sleep apnea.

Acta Oto-Laryngologica, March 2011: 131(3) 298-302


Gregorio MG; Jacomelli M; Inoue D; Genta PR; de Figueiredo AC & Lorenzi-Filho G

Comparison of full versus short induced-sleep polysomnography for the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Laryngoscope, May 2011: 121(5) 1098-103

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Higgins N; Leong E; Park CS; Facco FL; McCarthy RJ & Wong CA

The Berlin Questionnaire for assessment of sleep disordered breathing risk in parturients and non-

pregnant women.

International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia, January 2011: 20(1) 22-5

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Kahwash R; Kikta D & Khayat R

Recognition and management of sleep-disordered breathing in chronic heart failure.

Current Heart Failure Reports, March 2011: 8(1) 72-9


Kallweit U; Hidalgo, H; Uhl V & Sandor PS

Continuous positive airway pressure therapy is effective for migraines in sleep apnea syndrome.

Neurology, March 2011: 76(13) 1189-91

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Kim SJ; Lee JH; Lee DY; Jhoo JH & Woo JI

Neurocognitive dysfunction associated with sleep quality and sleep apnea in patients with mild cognitive


American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, April 2011: 19(4) 374-81


Lakdawala L

Creating a safer perioperative environment with an obstructive sleep apnea screening tool.

Journal of Peri-Anesthesia Nursing, February 2011: 26(1) 1089-947


Lee JJ; Kim GS; Kim JA; Kim SJ; Kang JG; Kim GH & Jung HH

Improvement of sleep-related breathing disorder in patients with end-stage renal disease after kidney


Clinical Transplantation, January 2011: 25(1) 126-30


Lofaso F; Fauroux B; Orlikowski D & Prigent H

Daytime predictors of sleep-disordered breathing in neuromuscular patients to better schedule


European Respiratory Journal, February 2011: 37(2) 231-2


Man SF & Sin DD

Sleep-disordered breathing and heart disease: is it one big, vicious loop?

Circulation, March 2011: 123(12) 1265-6

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Nemati S; Malhotra A & Clifford GD

T-wave alternans patterns during sleep in healthy, cardiac disease, and sleep apnea patients.

Journal of Electrocardiology, March 2011: 44(2) 126-30


Ozeke O, Ozer C; Gungor M; Celenk MK; Dincer H & Ilicen G

Chronic intermittent hypoxia caused by obstructive sleep apnea may play an important role in ex-

plaining the morbidity-mortality paradox of obesity.

Medical Hypotheses, January 2011: 76(1) 61-3



Pandey A; Demede M; Zizi F; Al Haija’a OA, Nwamaghinna F; Jean-Louis G & McFarlane SI

Sleep apnea and diabetes: insights into the emerging epidemic.

Current Diabetes Reports, February 2011, 11(1) 35-40


Paturi AK; Surani S & Ramar K

Sleep among opioid users.

Postgraduate Medicine, May 2011: 123(3) 80-7

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Prilipko O; Huynh N; Schwartz S; Tantrakul V; Kim JH & Peralta AR

Task positive and default mode networks durin a parametric working memory task in obstructive

sleep apnea patients and healthy controls.

Sleep, March 2011: 34(3) 293-301A


Quan SF; Chan CS; Dement WC; Gevins A; Goodwin JL; Gottlieb DJ & Green S

The association between obstructive sleep apnea and neurocognitive performance– the apnea posi-

tive pressure long-term efficacy study.

Sleep, March 2011: 34(3) 303-314B


Robison JG & Otteson TD

Increased prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with cleft palate.

Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, March 2011: 137(3) 269-74

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Shinoda C; Wada O & Hayashi R

The prevelance of sleep-disordered breathing among commercial drivers and analysis of predictive

factors based on health examinations.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi (Japanese), April 2011: 49(4) 249-54


Svendsen M & Tonstad S

Orlistat after initial dietary/behavioral treatment: changes in body weight and dietry maintenance in

subjects with sleep related breathing disorders.

Nutritional Journal, 2011: 10(21) 1475-2891

Full text available through your personal Athens account.


Van Holsbeke C; De Backer J; Vos W; Verdonck P; Van Ransbeeck P & Claessens T

Anatomical and functional changes in the upper airways of sleep apnea patients due to mandibular

repositioning: a large scale study.

Journal of Biomechanics, February 2011: 44(3) 442-9


Walsh JK; Griffin KS; Forst EH; Ahmed HH; Eisenstein RD; Curry DT & Hall-Porter JM

A convenient expiratory positive airway pressure nasal device for the treatment of sleep apnea in

patients non-adherent with continuous positive airway pressure.

Sleep Medicine, February 2011: 12(2) 147-52


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