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Parkinson’s Disease




This fact sheet provides an overview of recent evidence relevant to Parkinson’s Disease in hospitals and

information on how the “Outreach Librarian Service” can support you to keep up-to-date.


Selected evidence

Best practice guidelines for people with Parkinson’s disease published by the College of Occupational

Therapy specialist section.


Abosch A; Gupte, A; Eberly LE, Tuite     PJ & Nance M

Impulsive behaviour and associated clinical variables in Parkinson’s disease.

Psychosomatics, January 2011, 52(1) p 41-7

Becker C; Brobert GP; Johansson S; Jick SS & Meir CR

Risk of incident depression in patients with Parkinson disease in the UK.

European Journal of Neurology, March 2011, 18(3) p 448-53

Full text available through your personal Athens account.

Bucks RS; Cruise KE; Skinner TC; Loftus AM; Barker RA & Thomas MG

Coping processes and health related quality of life in Parkinson’s disease.

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, March 2011, 26(3) 247-55

Doherty KM; Silveira-Moriyama L; Azulay J; Gershanik OS & Bloem BR

Postural deformities in Parkinson’s disease

The Lancet Neurology, June 2011, p538-549

Full text available through your personal Athens account

Espay AJ; Dwivedi AK; Payne M; Gaines L; Vaughan JE & Maddux BN

Methylphenidate for gait impairment in Parkinson’s disease: a randomized clinical trial.

Neurology, April 2011, 76(14) p 1256-62

Full text available through your personal Athens account.

Foreman KB; Addison O; Kim HS & Dibble LE

Testing balance and fall risk in persons with Parkinson’s disease, an argument for ecologically valid testing.

Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, March 2011, 17(3) p 1667-71

Huber JE & Darling M

Effect of Parkinson’s disease on the production of structured and unstructured speaking tasks: respiratory

physiologic and linguistic considerations.

Journal of Speech Language & Hearing Research, February 2011, 54(1) p 33-46

Full text available through your personal Athens account.

Invernizzi M; Carda S; Viscontini GS & Cisari C

Osteoporosis in Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, 2011, 15(5) p 339-346

Leddy B; Crowner E & Earhart GM

Functional gait assessment and balance evaluation system test: reliability, validity and specificity for

identifying individuals with Parkinson disease

Physical Therapy, 2011, 91(1) p 102-113

Lohnes CA & Earhart GM

The impact of attentional, auditory and combined cues on walking during single and dual cognitive tasks in

Parkinson disease.

Gait & Posture, March 2011, 33(3) p 478-83

McLaughlan    D; Hasson F; Kernohan WG; Waldron M & McLaughlin M

Living and coping with Parkinson’s disease: perceptions of informal carers.

Palliative Medicine, March 2011, 25(2) p 177-82

Full text available through your personal Athens account.

Muller B; Larden JP; Wentzel-Larsen T; Skeie GO & Tysnes OB

Autonomic and sensory symptoms and signs in incident, untreated Parkinson’s disease: frequent but mild.

Movement Disorders, January 2011, 26(1) p 65-72

O’Sullivan SS; Loane CM; Lawrence AD; Evans AH & Piccini P

Sleep disturbance and impulsive-compulsive behaviours in Parkinson’s disease.

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, June 2011, 82(6) p 620-2

Full text available through your personal Athens account.

Ross AM; Mudge AM & Young

Everyone’s problem but nobody’s job: staff perceptions and explanations for poor nutritional intake in older

medical patients.

Nutrition & Dietetics, 2011, 68(1) p 41-46

Schenkman K; McFann A & Baron E

PROFILE PD: profile of function and impairment level experience with Parkinson’s disease—clinmetric

properties of a rating scale for physical therapy practice.

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, 2011, 34(4) p 182-192

Sixel–Doring F; Schweitzer M; Mollenhaur B & Trenkwalder C

Intraindividual variability of REM sleep behaviour disorder in Parkinson’s disease: a comparative

assessment using a new REM sleep behaviour disorder severity scale (RBDSS) for clinical routine.

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, February 2011, 7(1) p 75-80

Soh SE; Morris ME & McGinley JL

Determinants of health-related quality of life in Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review.

Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, January 2011, 17(1) 1-9

Full text available through your personal Athens account

Vaughan CP; Juncos JL; Burgio KL; Goode PS & Wolf RA

Behavior therapy to treat urinary incontinence in Parkinson’s disease.

Neurology, May 2011, 76(19) p 1631-4

Full text available through your personal Athens account

Walker RW; Dunn   JR & Gray  WK

Self-reported Dysphagia and its correlates within a prevalent population of people with Parkinson’s


Dysphagia, March 2011, 26(1) p 92-6

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