Nutritional Assessment- August 2012


Nutritional Assessment - August 2012


Welcome to the August 2012 Nutritional Assessment Bulletin produced by the HEFT Library Services. This

bulletin is produced to support VITAL for Nurses core skills programme developed in the Trust. This issue

will highlight evidence published in the previous quarter. Full text articles can be accessed with your HEFT

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Improving nutrition and hydration in hospital: the nurse's


As  part  of  the  Continuing Professional Development Series, strategies for  nurses to  meet      patients

nutrition and hydration needs are discussed.

Nursing Standard. April; 26(34), p. 52-56

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Role of healthcare assistant as nutritional champion.

An   article   aimed  at   providing  healthcare  assistants   and  assistant   practitioners  with  a        better

understanding of issues to do with malnutrition and how to provide nutritional care. It focuses particularly

on elderly patients.

British Journal of Healthcare Assistants. April; 6(4) p.164-168

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Validity of the malnutrition screening tool for older adults at

high risk of hospital readmission.

A  study  to  validate the  Malnutrition Screening Tool  (MST)  in  older adults  at  high  risk  of hospital


Journal of Gerontological Nursing, Jun; 38(6) p. 38-45

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Enteral nutrition: an overview.

Methods of enteral feeding are discussed along with the associated patient risk and safety aspects.

Nursing Standard. May; 26(39) p.41-46

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Developing a bundle to improve fluid management.

A team from NHS Midlands and East developed the Intelligent Fluid Management Bundle to support

staff to ensure that patients are adequately hydrated.

Nursing Times. July; 108(28) p18-20

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Raising nurses' awareness of nutritional supplements.

A poster campaign was set up to raise nurses' awareness of the importance of chilling supplements to

encourage patients to take them and find out their preferred flavours.

Nursing Times. June; 108(25) p.20-21

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Feeding hospital patients: a multiprofessional approach.

Practical advice for  Nurses on  helping patients during mealtimes to  ensure they  receive adequate

nutrition and hydration.

Nursing Times. June;108(25) p.17-18

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National Diet and Nutrition Survey

The Department of Health has published the combined results from the first three years of the National Diet and Nutrition

Survey (NDNS) rolling programme (2008/09 -2010/11). These results supersede the results from the first two years of

the survey combined, published in 2011. The NDNS rolling programme is a continuous cross-sectional survey, designed to

assess the diet, nutrient intake and nutritional status of a representative sample of around 1000 people (500 adults and 500

children per year) from the general population aged 18 months upwards living in private households in the UK.

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Manual of Nutrition

The 12th edition of   the Manual of Nutrition has been published by the Department of Health. The Manual  provides

an essential reference for nutritionists, dieticians, health professionals, students and teachers. This edition includes the

following updates: - values for the typical nutrient content of commonly eaten foods - nutrient intake of the population -

new information from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition's energy report - information on caffeine and iron

intake for pregnant women - the Chief Medical Officer's physical activity guidelines that were revised last year.

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Nutritional support for liver disease.

A systematic review of trials looking at interventions to prevent weight loss and muscle wasting in end-

stage liver disease.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. May; 5(0)

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NHS Diabetes guideline for the perioperative management of

the adult patient with diabetes.

NHS Diabetes commissioned these guidelines which were produced by the Joint Diabetic Societies.

Insulin    infusion    and  fluid   management    are  considered when  caring   for  perioperative adult diabetes


Diabetic Medicine. January; 29(4) p.420-433


Immunonutrition: Does It Have a Role in Improving Recovery

in Patients Receiving a Stem Cell Transplant?

This  paper highlights the  benefits of  immunomodulating diets (IMD's) in surgical patients such as

reducing the  risk  of  infection, length of  stay  in hospital and wound complications. Cancer Patients

receiving stem cell transplants are good examples of this population.

Nutrition & Cancer. May; 64(4) p.503-507



Short-Term Oral Nutritional Intervention with Protein and

Vitamin D Decreases Falls in Malnourished Older Adults.

A  Design  Randomised Control  Trial  evaluating the  effects  of  a  short-term  nutritional     intervention

with protein and vitamin D on falls in malnourished older adults. The trial concluded that along with

counselling, this intervention decreases the number of falls in this population.

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, April; 60(4) p.691-699

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Ininitial trophic vs full enteral feeding in patients with acute

lung injury: the EDEN randomized trial.

The  aim  of  this  randomized, open-label multicentre trial  was  to  determine if  initial  lower-volume

trophic enteral feeding would increase ventilator-free days and decrease gastrointestinal intolerances

compared with initial full enteral feeding. The results suggest that there is no significant difference.

JAMA. February; 307(8) p.795-803

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RCT of omega-3 fatty acid-supplemented enteral nutrition

v standard enteral nutrition (oesophagogastric cancer


A  randomized clinical trial comparing standard enteral nutrition with the  same preparation with    the

addition of omega-3 fatty acids in surgical oesophagogastric cancer patients.

British Journal of Surgery. March; 99(3) p.346-55

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Identifying geriatric malnutrition in nursing practice: The

Mini Nutritional Assessment

This paper looks at a simple, non-invasive, inexpensive, and easy to use tool that can quickly and easily

identify older adults who are at risk for malnutrition or are malnourished.

Journal of Gerontological Nursing. March; (38)3 p.18-27

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Eating difficulties among patients 3 months after stroke.

This paper looks at eating difficulties among patients 3 months after having had a stroke. It concludes

that eating is still difficult for a large number of these patients which may be down to factors other than

physical function.

Journal of Advanced Nursing. March; 68(3) p.580-589

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A Prospective Investigation of Swallowing, Nutrition, and

Patient-rated Functional Impact (Oropharyngeal Cancer).

A paper investigating swallowing, nutrition and functional impact following fractional radiotherapy with

concomitant boost  for  Oropharyngeal Cancer. The  results  showed significant improvement after 6

months. This was not reflected in relation to weight and patient perception.

Dysphagia. March; 27(1) p.32-45

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Nutrition screening in patients with COPD.

An article discussing the impact of COPD symptoms on nutrition, and gives advice on the importance

of regular nutritional screening using a validated tool.

Nursing Times. March; 108(11) p.12-14

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Nutritional risk as predictor for healthcare-associated

infection among hospitalized elderly patients in the acute

care setting.

A  study  that  examines the use  of  the  Geriatric Nutritional Risk  Index (GNRI)  to  predict the  risk    of

healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) among elderly people admitted as emergencies to an acute


Journal of Hospital Infection. February; (80)2 p.168-172

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Breaking the fast.

A nurse-led study at a London hospital has found that many surgeons do not follow national guidance

on perioperative fasting times. Findings reveal that patients were undergoing prolonged fasting periods.

An education programme to reduce that practice is described. Excessive fasting can weaken patients

and delay recovery. Surgical teams may be willing to introduce shorter fasts if the benefits to patients

are made clear.

Nursing Standard. February; 26(24) p.22-23

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Patient weighing: standardisation and measurement.

An article outlining the use of appropriate weighing systems based on the recommendations of the

European Parliament. It higlights the need for accuracy in measuring weight and body mass index.

Nursing Standard. March; 26(29) p.33-37

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Nutritional and fluid requirements: high-output stomas

This article explores the nutritional management of those with a high-output stoma. These patients can

enjoy a good quality with the correct management in place.

British Journal of Nursing. March; (21) 6-Supplement

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