New at Solihull: Educational Board Games

Solihull Hospital Library is proud to announce 3 Educational Board Games now available for loan on your BASE Library Card:

The Working Stress Game

Clinical practice can be very stressful, and healthcare professionals are more likely to feel stressed than people in most other professions. The Working Stress Game helps health professionals discuss work-related stress and think about coping strategies they can apply in daily practice.

The Nutrition Game
An educational board game that helps health and social care staff improve their knowledge, recognition and management of malnutrition. It helps raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition, particularly for older people in care settings.

The Sepsis Game

A fun and informative board game that helps clinical staff improve their knowledge and management of sepsis. Based around the Sepsis Six care bundle and supporting the Survive Sepsis training programme, it stimulates discussion about improving identification and treatment of sepsis.

All 3 games are ideal for team meetings or training sessions and provide a fun and educational group activity.

These games are available for 2 week loan directly from Solihull Hospital Library on your BASE Library Card.    

For more information, please ask at the Library counter or contact Solihull Library:
E-mail: [email protected]  / Tel:  0121 424 5196 (ext: 45196)