DynaMed improvements and demonstrations

On 21 August 2019, DynaMed® Plus, an evidence-based, point-of-care tool available from EBSCO, became the new and improved DynaMed® allowing users to create a more personalised experience with improved topic and evidence alerts ensuring information is accurate as well as fast.

With other point-of-care software available such as UpToDate and BMJ Best Practice, what makes DynaMed stand out?

DynaMed was created by physicians for health professionals and takes users through the different stages of a variety of illnesses and diseases, from diagnosis to management to prognosis giving you information that is reliable and quick to access.

Information is gathered from sources such as guidelines like NICE, journals, systematic reviews and drug information which is then assessed daily by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, specialists and clinical experts using a seven-step evidence-based methodology before updating onto DynaMed. 

Accredited by The Royal College of General Practitioners, users can claim one CPD point for every hour of reading on DynaMed. As well as text, DynaMed Includes 4,700 graphics and images such as Clinical Photos, Radiological Images and Illustrations.

DynaMed is accessible from within and outside the Trust using a UHB OpenAthens account. Users can also download the DynaMed phone app which can be used offline.

Want to find out more? EBSCO will be visiting UHB on 3 October and 20 November to give demonstrations on DynaMed and its features. For more information or to book a place, please contact QEHB library:

Tel: ext. 12485 / ext. 12486
Email: [email protected]