Deteriorating patient and their handover- May 2013

Listed below is the high level evidence on the Deteriorating patient and their handover produced by NICE, SIGN and NHS based organisations. Also included are the European Society guidelines where available. This list is produced and maintained by HEFT Library Services to support VITAL 4 Doctors core skills programme developed in the Trust.


Local (HEFT) Policies 

End of life care policy

Review: May 2011

Guidelines on breaking bad news

Review: December 2012


NICE (guidelines and pathways)

Acutely ill patients in hospital: recognition of and response to acute illness in adults in hospital.

CG50: July 2007


Map of Medicine

End of life care in adults: Assessment and care planning

April 2013


Other National Guidelines & Non-UK Guidelines (includes Professional Bodies/Associations)

Acute care toolkit 6

The medical patient at risk: recognition and care of the ill or the deteriorating medical patient

Royal College of Physicians

May 2013

Care of the deteriorating patient Guidance

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

February 2013

Guidelines for the provision of anaesthetic services for resuscitation

Chapter 8

Royal College of anaesthetists

May 2013

Patient experience in adult NHS services

Improving the experience of care for people using adult NHS services

NCGC Clinical guidance : CG138

February 2012

Equality for all

Delivering safe care - seven days a week

NHS Improvement

January 2012


Systematic Reviews – Cochrane Library

Interventions for fatigue and weight loss in adults with advanced progressive illness

November 2011

Outreach and Early Warning Systems (EWS) for the prevention of Intensive Care admission and death of critically ill adult patients on general hospital wards

May 2007


Further information:

The following sources have been searched for evidence published in the previous 12 months: HEFT Policies, Map of Medicine, Cochrane Library and NHS Evidence. Please contact [email protected] for any further information.

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