Continence- October 2011

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This fact sheet provides an overview of recent evidence relevant to Continence information on how the

“Outreach Librarian Service” can support you to keep up-to-date .


Selected Evidence


Arentzen J

Does a nurse-driven protocol for urinary catheter removal empower nurses to remove

urinary catheters without a physician order?

American Journal of Infection Control, June 2011: 39(5) E40-E40


Baker B

Urinary incontinence nursing considerations at the end of life

Urologic Nursing, 2011: 31(3) 169-172


Botlero, R

Incidence and resolution rates of different types of urinary incontinence in women:

Findings from a cohort study.

The Journal of Urology, 2011: 185(4) 1331-1337


Davis C

Continence study guides policymakers towards an integrated approach

Nursing Older People, September 2011: 23(7) 7-7


De Jaeger M

Exploring urinary catheters: The perspectives of patients and nurses.

British Journal of Nursing, 2011: April 20(7) 400, 402 & 404


Huebner M

Pelvic floor muscle training for stress urinary incontinence: A randomized, controlled trial

comparing different conservative therapies.

Physiotherapy Research International, September 2011: 16(3) 133-140


Jura YH

Caffeine intake and the risks of stress, urgency and mixed urinary incontinence

The Journal of Urology, May 2011: 185(5) 1775-1780


Matteucci R & Walsh K

Urinary catheter use and prevention of infection: Evidence-based care sheet

CINAHL Plus, February 2011: 1-2


Romito D

Urinary tract infections in patients admitted to rehabilitation from acute care settings:

A descriptive research study

Rehabilitation Nursing, September/October 2011: 36(5) 216-222


Shakespeare K

Management of urinary incontinence in frail elderly women

Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine,   October 2011: 21(10) 281-287


Specht JK

Promoting continence in individuals with dementia

Journal Gerontological Nursing: 2011, 37(2) 17-21


Taylor D

Faecal incontinence

Nursing Standard, August 2011: 25(48) 59


Young J & Conway C

Urinary catheter use in end of life care

Nursing Times, August 2011: 107(29) 24-25


Zisberg A

Incontinence brief use in acute hospitalized patients with no prior incontinence

Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing, September/October 2011: 38(5) 559-564


How can I help you?


Literature search service

I can offer an expert, in-depth literature search service to help you locate the evidence on any health

related topic.



If you want to learn to navigate the wealth of available online healthcare information and how to search

databases more effectively, the ‘Trust trainer’ can offer timetabled hands-on training sessions or can

provide customised one-to-one support. Telephone: 0121 424 0583 or email:

[email protected]


Current awareness services

If you need to keep up-to-date on a particular topic I can advise on suitable RSS feeds and help you set up

article alerts from the major healthcare databases.


Online resources

Whilst many good quality resources are freely available, most full-text journals and the main bibliographic

databases (e.g. Medline and CINAHL) require an Athens username and password. To register for an Ath-

ens login go to     or


The Library web pages contain detailed information about library services and training opportunities, online

request and registration forms and several guides on key online resources and evidence-based websites




The Outreach Librarian is located in the education centre at Heartlands Hospital, on the first floor, next to

the Library.

Telephone 0121 424 2503 (42503) or email: [email protected]