Better Nutrition and Fluid Management- May 2013

Listed below is the high level evidence on Better Nutrition and Fluid Management produced by NICE, SIGN and NHS based organisations. Also included are the European Society guidelines where available. This list is produced and maintained by HEFT Library Services to support VITAL for Doctors core skills programme developed in the Trust.


Local (HEFT) Policies

24 Hour Fluid Balance Monitoring Nursing Guideline v1.0

Maria MacKenzie, Ruth Spedding & Katrina Creedon, November 2011. Next Review Date: September 2014

Adult Parenteral Nutrition Guidelines

Rachel Lees, Barbara Dovaston, Kristine Curtis, Dr Alan Jones, Colene Ferreira, Nick Bolton, Debbie Kemp, Dr Ian Chesner, July 2011. Next Review Date: October 2012

Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Refeeding Syndrome in Adults

Rachel Lees, Debbie Kemp, Dr Alan Jones, Colene Ferreira, July 2011. Next Review Date: October 2013

Feeding a Dependant Patient Nursing Guideline v1.0

Maria MacKenzie, Ruth Spedding & Katrina Creedon , January 2011. Next Review Date: December 2012


NICE Guidelines and Pathways

NICE Pathways – Nutrition Support in Adults Overview - 2013

BNF Intravenous Nutrition. NICE April 2013

NICE support for commissioners and others using the quality standard on nutrition support in adults November 2012

Nutrition support in adults Oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral nutrition

NICE Guidance CG32, 2006

Feeding a Dependant Patient Nursing Guideline v1.0

Maria MacKenzie, Ruth Spedding & Katrina Creedon, January 2011. Next Review Date: October 2012


Map of Medicine

Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance


Other National Guidelines & Non-UK Guidelines (includes Professional Bodies/Associations within the European Union)

British Consensus Guidelines on Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Adult Surgical Patients Giftasup

Jeremy Powell-Tuck et al. On behalf of BAPEN Medical 2011

Nutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

The Renal Association, 2010

Management of patients with stroke: identification and management of dysphagia A national clinical guideline

SIGN Guidance, 2010


Systematic Reviews – Cochrane Library

Nutritional interventions for reducing morbidity and mortality in people with HIV
Sarah S. N. Mahlungulu, Liesl Grobler, Marianne ME Visser, Jimmy Volmink
February 2013

Enteral feeding methods for nutritional management in patients with head and neck cancers being treated with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy

Brenda Nugent, Sian Lewis, Joe M O'Sullivan
January 2013

Nutritional supplementation for stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Ivone Ferreira, Dina Brooks, Yves Lacasse, Roger Goldstein, John White
December 2012

Pre-operative Nutrition Support in Patients Undergoing Gastrointestinal Surgery.

Burden S, Todd C, Hill J, Lal S.

November 2012

Interventions for dysphagia in acute stroke

Philip MW Bath, Fiona J Bath-Hextall, David Smithard
October 2012

Nutritional support for acute kidney injury

Yi Li, Xi Tang, Juqian Zhang, Taixiang Wu
August 2012

Nutritional support for liver disease

Ronald L Koretz, Alison Avenell, Timothy O Lipman
May 2012

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy versus nasogastric tube feeding for adults with swallowing disturbances

Claudio AR Gomes Jr, Suzana AS Lustosa, Delcio Matos, Régis B Andriolo, Daniel R Waisberg, Jaques Waisberg
March 2012

Medically assisted nutrition for palliative care in adult patients

Phillip Good, John Cavenagh, Mark Mather, Peter Ravenscroft
June 2011

Early enteral nutrition within 24h of colorectal surgery versus later commencement of feeding for postoperative complications

Henning Keinke Andersen, Stephen J Lewis, Steve Thomas
February 2011

Enteral tube feeding for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/motor neuron disease

Hans Dieter Katzberg, Michael Benatar
January 2011

Hypertonic saline for peri-operative fluid management

Vivian McAlister, Karen EA Burns, Tammy Znajda, Brian Church
January 2010

Enteral versus parenteral nutrition for acute pancreatitis

Mohammed Al-Omran, Zaina H AlBalawi, Mariam F Tashkandi, Lubna A Al-Ansary
November 2010

Enteral tube feeding for older people with advanced dementia

Elizabeth L Sampson, Bridget Candy, Louise Jones
April 2009

Nutritional interventions for preventing and treating pressure ulcers

Gero Langer, Astrid Knerr, Oliver Kuss, Johann Behrens, Gabriele J Schlömer
July 2008


NHS Evidence

Nutrition Support in adults: costing report

NICE, 2011

A costing report and costing template have been produced by NICE to provide an implementation tool to estimate the financial impact to the NHS of implementing the clinical guideline CG32 Nutrition support in adults.

Malnutrition Matters Meeting Quality Standards in Nutritional Care

Ailsa Brotherton, Nicola Simmonds and Mike Stroud on behalf of the BAPEN Quality Group

First published May 2010 by BAPEN (British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)

A Toolkit for Commissioners and Providers in England

A.S.P.E.N. clinical guidelines: Nutrition screening, assessment, and intervention in adults.

Citation: Jpen: Journal of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition, January 2011, vol./is. 35/1(16-24), Author(s): Mueller C, Compher C, Ellen DM, American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) Board of Directors

THE ‘MUST’ EXPLANATORY BOOKLET. A Guide to the ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’) for Adults

The British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN), 2011