Better diabetes care- March 2010


”The case for Tight Glycemic Control in Hospitalized Patients”


Listed below is the high level evidence on Tight Glycemic Control produced by NICE, SIGN and NHS based organisations. Also included are the European Society guidelines where available. This list is produced and maintained by HEFT Library Services to support VITAL 4 Medics core skills programme developed in the Trust


HEFT Policies

Control of Hyperglycemia in the ill patient

Phil Dyer, Catherine Holmes, Sharon Jones, Urmila Griffiths HEFT. Next review date September 2012


Map of Medicine



National Guidelines & Non-UK Guidelines (includes Professional Bodies/Associations)

Management of diabetes – A national clinical guideline

SIGN 116 March 2010


Systematic Reviews – Cochrane Library

Eslami S, Abu-Hanna A, de Jonge E

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NHS Evidence


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